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LAMOSE Advantages

Laser Engraving Advantages

At LAMOSE, we can literally engraving any drawings, photos, signatures, patterns on our products that you can bring anywhere with you. For example, the lovely drawing you kept in your wallet now can be engraved on your go to coffee mug!

Simple Rate Advantage

$5 Name(8-15mm height, no limit on letters)
$10 Vertical Name or Graphic including name(80mm x 110mm)
$15 Graphic+ (larger than 80mm x 110mm, almost wrap around)

$5 Processing Fee applies per photo, non-vector logo

Life Time Warranty Advantage

We always follow one simple design principle: build to last. Every LAMOSE product will have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. We want you to have our product with peace of mind.

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Size & Dimensions
Moraine Robson Hudson Peyto
Volume(oz) 20 oz 27 oz 14 oz 21 oz 28 oz 12 oz 18 oz 10 oz 14 oz
Volume 600 mL 800 mL 414 mL 620 mL 830 mL 355 mL 532 mL 296 mL 414 mL
Height 8.9"/225mm 10.6"/270mm 7.9"/200mm 9.8"/250mm 10.2"/260mm 4"/101mm 4.4"/111mm 4.4"/111mm 5.9"/150mm
Weight 12.2oz/346g 14.8oz/420g 9.5oz/270g 12.9oz/367g 14.3oz/405g 8.9oz/253g 11.1oz/315g 7.1oz/200g 8.3oz/235g
Mouth Diameter 1.7"/43mm 1.7"/43mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 3.1"/80mm 3.5"/90mm 3.1"/80mm 3.1"/80mm
Base Diameter 3.2"/80mm 3.2"/80mm 2.5"/67mm 2.835"/72mm 3.15"/80mm 3.3"/85mm 3.7"/95mm 2.4"/62mm 2.5"/64mm