LAMOSE has committed to donate 100% of net profits to local hospitals and people in need amid COVID-19.

After our supplier gifted us a limited number of face masks, our team members unanimously decided to donate them to people in need. Additionally, LAMOSE will be donating 100% of our net profits for the foreseeable future to help our community amid COVID-19.

Each purchase you make helps toward funding additional face masks which we will be donating to other healthcare facilities in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to do our part in spreading positive news. We will get through this together! 

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Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19)), we want to share some useful info about how to reduce your risk of infection. We have also included tips of how to clean a stainless steel water bottle.

COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) How to Reduce Your Risk of Infection

We have included tips on how to  clean your personalized bottle and changes we made  to support our customer and heath care communities. 

Top 6 Reasons why YOU Should be Drinking More Water

Water is an essential component of every single every cell in our bodies. The human body (your body) will not function properly if it is not sufficiently hydrated. 

In this article, we have talked about why you need to drink more water. How much water you need to drink daily.
While people are staying at home to flatten the curves together against coronavirus. We want to share some tips of drinks that will boost immune system and enhance your body's natural defense.

Drinks That Boost Your Immune System During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Taking advantage of being at home and make juices from immunity-enhancing ingredients is a great way to boost your body’s natural defenses.

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