Robson Snow - Photo engraving - Mother's day gift

Size Guide

Submit your photo to


Please carefully read the guidelines below to get the best results for your custom design:

1) Submit a clear, well-lit photo of your pet with a plain/uniform background. Avoid photos with objects attached to the pet.

2) Pets will be vectorized as per photo provided so make sure to submit a photo of your pet with the desired pose and angle. For example, if you want to have a smiling dog, please send a picture of your dog smiling.


You will receive up to 2 FREE digital proofs of the design before they are engraved on your tumbler. After this, each additional digital proof will be charged at CAD $5 each.

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Size & Dimensions
Moraine Robson Hudson Peyto
Volume(oz) 20 oz 27 oz 14 oz 21 oz 28 oz 12 oz 18 oz 10 oz 14 oz
Volume 600 mL 800 mL 414 mL 620 mL 830 mL 355 mL 532 mL 296 mL 414 mL
Height 8.9"/225mm 10.6"/270mm 7.9"/200mm 9.8"/250mm 10.2"/260mm 4"/101mm 4.4"/111mm 4.4"/111mm 5.9"/150mm
Weight 12.2oz/346g 14.8oz/420g 9.5oz/270g 12.9oz/367g 14.3oz/405g 8.9oz/253g 11.1oz/315g 7.1oz/200g 8.3oz/235g
Mouth Diameter 1.7"/43mm 1.7"/43mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 3.1"/80mm 3.5"/90mm 3.1"/80mm 3.1"/80mm
Base Diameter 3.2"/80mm 3.2"/80mm 2.5"/67mm 2.835"/72mm 3.15"/80mm 3.3"/85mm 3.7"/95mm 2.4"/62mm 2.5"/64mm