Engraving 101

From choosing the best image to gaining insight into how our laser engraving machine works, check out this guide for designing your custom drinkware. 

Meet our professional designers.

Bring your creative ideas to life! 

How to use the
self-customize tool

Here you will gain an insight into the LAMOSE custom design and laser etching process. Along the way, you will learn useful tips on how to make your customized LAMOSE drinkware perfect!


choose a product and a color.
Click the 1CUSTOMIZE IT1 button and then you will notice two options: Custom design and Design book. 

1 Custom Design

option allows you to enter your choice of words or to upload a file in .jpeg or .png. 

(A)Name engraving is included with the (B)Text, (C)Logo, or (D)Photo option with no extra charge. To add a name, check the Name Engraving Under Design option. You will be able to select a font and scale the wording.   

See tips for uploading a logo or photo file.

2 Design Book

allows you to select a graphic from our design gallery. There are 7 themes to pick from. A name engraving is included in this option with no extra charge. Check the Name Engraving Under Design option to enter a name and choose a font you like.  

Optional: leave a Design Note if you have special requirements for the design. For example, name larger, in font (a), and on a line above the date in font (b). 

Tips for choosing a file

There are NO requirements for the file you choose to upload. We accept all images even though they might be dark, or low resolution. LAMOSE designers will help to remove the background. We are happy to accommodate you with different design expectations.

Keep in mind that higher quality photos will usually create more crisp and detailed designs.  

Canvas area

How the laser engraving works

Our insulated mugs are made from kitchen-grade stainless steel and are individually engraved in our studio. All designs are professionally laser engraved onto the mugs, which will never crack, peel or wash away. The engraving will only appear in the silver of the stainless steel. Every item you purchase from us receives personal attention and exceptional care every step of the way.