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LAMOSE’s story starts in 2017 with two engineers from Edmonton. The founders, Chen and Leo, envisioned a high-quality stainless steel bottle that is fully customizable and helps to reduce the prevalence of single-use plastics. Moreover, they saw an opportunity to create premium-quality laser-engraved drinkware products that weren’t available anywhere else on the market. By using the latest in laser engraving technology, LAMOSE offers you the ability to customize your drinkware with names, logos, graphics, and photos. Following the addition of a team of creative professionals, LAMOSE was born. Since then, the LAMOSE community has strived to empower and inspire each other through #mylamosestory

Our Origin 

With sustainability and reducing waste as one of our core values, we honor and celebrate the natural environment we are lucky enough to call home.

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Our Founders

We started LAMOSE with one simple mindset: focus on happiness.

We were frustrated with plastic bottles, so we made a 100% stainless steel bottle. It drives us nuts when our coffee gets cold in 5 mins, so we made insulated mugs and tumblers!

You know what, the real fun begins when we can work designs then fire up our laser machine to make every product different! By the time we present our creation to our customers, we experience the same excitement and joy again. We felt that we are giving our product a new meaning and a new life.

And this is our happiness.

We are happy you’re here and we hope our products and designs can bring happiness to your life.