Our Story

Many of us have the drive, the intuition, the ideas, and the perseverance to create a better world. 

But the truth is, many of the products and services that have been handed down to us through the course of time have left us wanting more. We live in a world where products and services pollute our environment, making the experience of nature and adventuring lackluster, if not impossible.

That’s why LAMOSE is empowering a new generation of products that respects the environment, preserves our health, and allows us to embark upon a lifelong journey.

Our name, LAMOSE, is taken from Lake Mountain Sea, and it reflects our core belief as a company: life should be full of adventures.

Imagine that you are packing for a grand adventure that will take you to the farthest reaches of the Earth. Are you going to pack perishable, low quality products and items that will fail to protect you – or will you strive to outfit yourself with rugged, resilient belongings that will support you no matter where life takes you?

LAMOSE has created, innovated and engineered the world's highest quality all steel-insulated water bottle, from cap to bottom. This is a major step up from conventional plastic water bottles, which not only harm the environment – they harm the body when left under hot temperatures, or when used to contain hot beverages.

To keep you healthy and the environment pristine, we have removed plastic altogether. Not only that, but we offer a lifetime warranty, worldwide. Wherever you go, #LAMOSEGO.

In our mission to provide better, steel-insulated water bottles from cap to bottom, we will continue to inspire people to protect nature and themselves.

So, keep adventuring with confidence. You have the power within you to create a better world, and a cleaner world for future generations of adventurers just like you.

It all starts with LAMOSE water bottles. #LAMOSEGO.

Our Roots

The beauty and grandeur Edmonton, Alberta is everywhere.

When you're here, it's all around you.

At LAMOSE, we entrench ourselves in the nature around us as we design, engineer, and craft environmentally friendly, stainless steel water bottles,

From Banff National Park to the Jasper National Park, we have always been in awe of how the symmetry, organization, and uniqueness of mother nature has created a nearly endless amount of perfection, which delicately holds us as people together and gives us life.

That's why we were so inspired to use our LAMOSE water bottles to protect nature and ourselves. For all that nature has done to hold us together, we found that it was time to give back.

Right now, we are seeking the right partner by which the LAMOSE community and those who love nature like us, can make donations to help protect the parks of Edmonton, Alberta.

Through this valiant mission and important effort, we will be able to do what it takes to make sure that the nature which has always preserved us will remain here forever.  

Just like when you fill your sustainable, environmentally friendly, stainless steel LAMOSE water bottle – so you can carry the elixir of life with you – it is time we fulfill our duty to nature, and protect her for generations to come.

Wherever you go, #lamosego, and enjoy the nature around you.