Moraine 20oz

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  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • All Steel Lid
  • Powder coated finishing
  • Lifetime warranty

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Two Sizes

At LAMOSE, we genuinely respect the environment, and we design and engineer all of our products to respect the environment.

The Moraine line is no different. Composed of two sizes, 20 oz. and 27 oz., both completely composed of stainless steel from bottom to cap, the Moraine line, with its radiant array of colors, invokes a sense of sustainability and care for the world around you.

Purchase your Moraine Lake bottle from LAMOSE today, and feel the grandeur of Moraine Lake all around you.

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Size & Dimensions
Moraine Robson Hudson Peyto
Volume(oz) 20 oz 27 oz 14 oz 21 oz 28 oz 12 oz 18 oz 10 oz 14 oz
Volume 600 mL 800 mL 414 mL 620 mL 830 mL 355 mL 532 mL 296 mL 414 mL
Height 8.9"/225mm 10.6"/270mm 7.9"/200mm 9.8"/250mm 10.2"/260mm 4"/101mm 4.4"/111mm 4.4"/111mm 5.9"/150mm
Weight 12.2oz/346g 14.8oz/420g 9.5oz/270g 12.9oz/367g 14.3oz/405g 8.9oz/253g 11.1oz/315g 7.1oz/200g 8.3oz/235g
Mouth Diameter 1.7"/43mm 1.7"/43mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 1.5"/38mm 3.1"/80mm 3.5"/90mm 3.1"/80mm 3.1"/80mm
Base Diameter 3.2"/80mm 3.2"/80mm 2.5"/67mm 2.835"/72mm 3.15"/80mm 3.3"/85mm 3.7"/95mm 2.4"/62mm 2.5"/64mm