What is the difference between LAMOSE and Yeti products? 


Ellen Patterson - Nov 12 2020

Your reusable water bottle or coffee tumblr is something you will use everyday and be able to take with you everywhere you go. We want you to be informed and feel confident in your choice.

Here we are comparing our LAMOSE Hudson 18oz mug with Yeti’s 14oz Rambler.


Our LAMOSE mug is 95.02 mm in height and 101.01 mm wide.

Yeti’s rambler is 112.29 mm in height and 102.98 mm wide.


Our LAMOSE mug weighs 326 g. 

Yeti’s rambler weighs 418 g.

Insulation Performance

At 10:30am we filled both mugs with 89.1° C water.

Here is the data we collected throughout the day.