Designing a Gift for your Boyfriend

Ellen Patterson - Oct 22 2020

When you search for gift ideas for men the first things to pop up are leather wallets, neutral colored socks, rustic watches and lots of crude puns. If you are seeking to give your partner something they will truly value, perhaps it's time to consider something more creative!

There are many combinations of characteristics that can make a great gift. It can be thoughtful, surprising, funny, useful, fashionable, nostalgic, symbolic, or even edible and delicious. Gift giving is a language of love and can be as unique and personal as a handwritten note.  

Function and Aesthetics

Our Lamose drinkware offers you a blank canvas for your gift. Our products can be used daily and work great! We have many stylish bottle designs and a wide selection of colors to choose from. With just these first choices, already you are creating something special with them in mind. Next, create your personalized design to make the most thoughtful and special gift.

Get Creative!

Name engraving

A name engraving, though it may seem simple, might be perfect for your partner! Oftentimes, simpler is better, a nice clean classic looking gift. Consider all the options you have here: What sort of font should you choose? If you go with an Onyx or Midnight colored bottle perhaps you can get away with a more decorative or expressive typeface, or maybe this is a good opportunity to offer more color into your boyfriend’s overly neutral and black colored collection of possessions, you can also design his name huge running up the side of the bottle, or maybe in a tiny Times New Roman font in the center of a mug. Plus, names are free!

Logo or Graphic Engraving

A thoughtful gift shows that you have been paying attention to your partner, that you have listened to their needs and noticed their preferences and tastes. You can choose a design from our design book, find something you like online, or even draw your own design! It can be about sports or fitness, maybe based on a creative hobby, nature or adventure related. Maybe you recently took a trip together, get a map of that city engraved! Maybe you always wanted a certain matching tattoo but he is afraid of needles, okay then, matching mugs! Or even an actual handwritten note, which segways us into more design ideas.

Add Text or Short Phrases

Underneath your chosen graphic engrave your partners name, or a special message such as “I love you”. Customize your message further with your chosen font. Maybe you only want to engrave text. Was there an influential book he’s read in the past year, or even from childhood, you could draw quotes from? A significant bit of wisdom you’d like to share? Movie quote from your first date? An inside joke you have together? Sure a picture is worth 1,000 words but sometimes the right words mean more than 10,000.

Photograph Engraving

Photos have a big potential for sentimentality. You can engrave a photo from a significant event, a memory you both share, his pet or pets you share together. Photographs can be very meaningful and hold a wealth of significance your gift can embody.

Have fun and let your creative side run the show! If you have any questions consult with our designers and we will help you create the perfect gift! 

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