Everything You Need To Know About Our Laser Engraving


Custom Laser Engraving

One of the things that has made LAMOSE so popular is our custom laser engraving. We absolutely love to see all the creative things people get engraved on their drink ware. We see everything from simple name engravings, kids drawings, family & pet portraits, to company logos and corporate designs. The sky is the limit and you can get anything engraved on LAMOSE drinkware.


Where do I get my drinkware engraved?

Everything gets engraved locally, right here in our store in Southcentre Mall in Calgary. We engrave all online orders, corporate orders and in store orders here. Since many of our customers get LAMOSE products as gifts, they may not know what to get engraved. We have a custom engraving guide to help with some ideas, or others will order a plain bottle or mug from us which can be brought back in to get engraved later!


What is laser engraving?

Our laser engraving machines essentially use precision lasers that 'burns' off the outside powder coated layer of our drinkware. It works sort of like a printer, but instead of adding a layer of ink, it etches off - removing the top layer to expose the steel beneath.


The LAMOSE Difference

Laser engraving is a fantastic way to get permanent results on our drinkware. It's extra durable, won't scratch and won't fade out like other methods. On top of that, lasers are incredibly accurate and can get extremely detailed results. This means you can get practically ANYTHING engraved. For photo engraving we do recommend higher quality photos for higher quality results, but can ultimately work with what you have!

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